Global Summit on Dynamic Spectrum Access
and TV White Spaces

Crossing the Chasm, and onto Main Street

Date: Monday, 17 June 2013
Venue: Grand Ballroom 2 and 3, Level 3
Singapore Island Country Club
180 Island Club (Thomson) Road, Singapore 578774

In an increasingly digital and mobile society, spectrum is the oxygen that we breathe. An abundant and renewable supply of spectrum is fundamental to the sustainable growth of the global digital economy. We believe that one key solution lies in Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA), a paradigm shift in how spectrum is managed and used, both from a policy and technology perspective.

An immediate opportunity in DSA lies within the TV White Spaces (TVWS), the unused TV broadcast channels. Over the past several years, policy and technology advancement in TVWS have continued to accelerate, and the ecosystem is now rapidly entering the commercialization stage. Field trials have been conducted on four continents and the first commercial deployments have been launched - from the United States to the United Kingdom, Singapore, Kenya, South Africa and the Philippines. TVWS networks will increase the bandwidth and reach of wireless communications and enrich people's lives when deployed at scale. Policy-makers are already looking forward to unleashing further dynamic spectrum sharing opportunities.

This global conference will showcase the accumulation of worldwide efforts in putting DSA into practice. Audiences will learn about regulatory best practices, the latest technology developments, demonstrations of the first TVWS radio chipsets and equipment, emerging global TVWS standards, and inspiring applications and services enabled by TVWS. The conference will feature the Singapore White Spaces Pilot Group (SWSPG), who will share what has been learnt from Asia's most comprehensive TV White Spaces commercial pilots to date. This conference precedes CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia events.